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Hey @SenFeinstein, my kids watched this video:

My 9yo: “She’s a jerk.”

My 12yo: “Is she a climate change scientist?” (Me: “No.” Him: 🙄)

Nice job with the role modeling.

Thanks to the commenters who posted a link to the entire video. The edited version does selectively show the worst part of the exchange. I acknowledge that having complete info and context is important, and you can find full video here 1/ 

Having watched the whole video several times with an open mind, I still don't think this was handled well. I'm sure that the Senator is right in that she has a bill that has a better chance of succeeding. But an important part of civic dialogue is an opportunity to be heard 2/

Especially given that she is not in favor of the other position, approaching the issue with some curiosity -- "What are the issues that worry you most?" -- is a chance to move the conversation from an antagonistic stance to common ground. 3/

I think she missed that opportunity (she literally didn't ask a single question). You can disagree. But sometimes the truth is in the middle: The edited video was unfair but her approach was not entirely receptive, either. Countering one extreme with another isn't productive. END

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