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Dear @Twitter @Jack @omidkordestani @TwitterSupport: You have now permanently banned a private citizen of US for explaining legal information critical to our democracy: @SpicyFiles

You will be explaining this, and so much more.

1. Please explain all communications Twitter has had with potential funders from the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, Venezuela, Cyprus, Malta, Isle of Man, Jersey, Luxembourg, Guernsey, etc.

2. Please detail which foreign national entities (agencies, ministries, all but individuals) had access to the Twitter API for advertising or any other purpose than individual communications between 2012-2018.

Again, not individuals, but military units and similar.

3. Please detail in public Twitter's internal practices for deciding which individuals may demand, through a single subpoena, the home addresses of your Verified users.

4. Why does Twitter ban the victims of doxxing, but allow doxxers to continue to use their accounts for abuse?

5. Why would you ban or suspend verified users, or non-verified users who have given you personal identification AT YOUR REQUEST, but allow identified botnets free rein on the same platform?

Which committee and/or executives made these decisions? When? Please provide dates.

6. Donald Trump may be President of the United States. Is he or is he not liable under the same terms of service as other users in terms of hostile abuse?

When did you make these policies? Who made them? Have they been updated? When?

7. Hey, this is just personal: Did you send Michael Goguen my "business records" including home address as of his attorneys' request a year ago? What about the others in the subpoena? Which corporate policy guides these behaviors? Why did you refuse to answer our questions?

Now, @jack @ev @omidkordestani, let's start looking at SEC filings in real time.

Risk factors and Unresolved staff comments seem particularly interesting, no?

Well, here are some risk factors: offering 15% of ad capacity to foreign agents.

Who were Kirill and Ivor? Why did you know RT had 2% share of voice in US elections? Why was this a project? Which executives led this initiative? 

Getting some coffee. This will continue until morale improves. 😎

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