Clint Watts @selectedwisdom Author: Messing With The Enemy Current: @MSNBC @FPRI @SecureDemocracy Feb. 24, 2019 1 min read

Interesting article on Kilimnik, but media discussions continue set up false dichotomy “spy” or “not spy”. That’s not how it works. “Russian Spy or Hustling Political Operative? The Enigmatic Figure at the Heart of Mueller’s Inquiry” 

If former GRU, makes Kilimnik trusted intermediary intel services, like FSB allegation in story, rather than “spy/not spy” its “as needed” - when Russia intel needs something they might reach out to him, when he has something he thinks Russia intel needs, he might reach GRU/FSB

Within the Mueller investigation we have 2 similar American & British examples, Steele dossier, and 

in Van der Zwann sentencing memo said Person A had ties to a “Russian intelligence service and had such ties in 2016” - how did Mueller team know “in 2016”? Seems they know/have something not known in public, and quite possible public will never know if it’s classified

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