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(Thread) weekly roundup

I usually do my weekly roundups on Sunday, but I wrote a thread yesterday (who expected a Special Counsel document to become available on a Saturday!?)

So here it is on Monday.

#1: The Manafort Sentencing memo

#2: The evidence we're waiting for is right there in the Mueller court filings.

Yes, more is coming: More details will be filled in.

But Mueller has given us the contours:

#3: A frequently asked question, “Is it too late to save our Democracy?”

Of course not.

The fear mongering is dangerous and self-fulfilling: If people think it’s too late, they’ll give up and won't do the things necessary to save the democracy.

#4: The theory that the GOP kowtows to Russia because they are all compromised gives too much credit to the GOP and overlooks the Russian-American-right-wing-love affair.

(There can also be kompromat. The theories are not mutually exclusive)

#5: and finally, Roger Stone, Russian Hackers, and the Rule of Law, or “what drove Roger Stone’s temper tantrum.”

Five threads this week! I keep saying I'll write 3 each week, then stuff happens.

So, probably 4-5 weekly in the foreseeable future.

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