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A few days ago, someone in my mentions suggested I put together a thread of all the *other* historians who've debunked @DineshDSouza on Twitter.

I can't find the tweet that suggested it for the life of me, but it's a terrific idea.

As I've noted before, D'Souza likes to pretend this is some sort of personal feud between him and me, when it's pretty much the entire historical profession lined up against him.

Again, in the interest of fairness, let me note for the record that there is *one* historian -- A. James Gregor, the infamous head of a eugenics foundation created with segregationist money -- who apparently likes D'Souza's work, and D'Souza has praised him in return.

That said, outside the circle of segregationist-funded, eugenics-promoting historians, there have been countless historians here on Twitter who have taken issue with D'Souza's facts, arguments and conclusions.

Here's a list. I'll add to this as they roll in.

1. Glenda Gilmore (Yale University)

2. Douglas Blackmon (University of Virginia)

3. Heather Cox Richardson (Boston College)

4. Manisha Sinha (University of Connecticut)

5. Peter Shulman (Case Western Reserve University)

6. Angus Johnston (CUNY)

7. Lawrence Glickman (Cornell University)

8. William Sturkey (University of North Carolina)

9. Eric Rauchway (University of California, Davis)

10. Nicole Hemmer (Miller Center, University of Virginia)

10. Torsten Kathke (Johannes Gutenberg University, Germany)

11. Kevin Gannon (Grand View University)

12. Felix Harcourt (Austin College)

13. Nicholas Guyatt (Cambridge University)

14. Ed Baptist (Cornell University)

13. Tim Lombardo (University of South Alabama)

14. Paul Harvey (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs)

15. Seth Cotlar (Willamette University)

16. Josh Zeitz (independent historian)

17. Brad Simpson (University of Connecticut)

18. Andrew Hartman (Illinois State University)

19. Joshua D. Rothman (University of Alabama)

20. Kevin Levin (independent historian)

21. David Walsh (Princeton University, PhD student)

All right, I'll give it a pause there.

Feel free to add your own favorite thread of another historian debunking him, or just some salty comments.

Lots of those in here:

The inevitable response to all this is going to be D'Souza's usual cry of a vast left-wing conspiracy, but this exchange -- signed off by ....

22. Heather Ann Thompson (University of Michigan)

... pretty much nails it.

In the meantime, do yourself a favor and follow all of these historians I've listed.

Hell, follow the hundreds on this list too while you're at it: 

23. Waitman Beorn (University of Virginia)

24. Charles Louis Richter (George Washington University, PhD student)

25. Keri Leigh Merritt (independent historian)

26. Ned Richardson-Little (University of Erfurt, Germany)

27. Karen Cox (University of North Carolina, Charlotte)

28. Randall Stephens (University of Oslo)

29. Chad Williams (Brandeis University)

30. Claire Potter (The New School)

31. Bruce Schulman (Boston University)

32. Heath Carter (Valparaiso University)

33. Lauren Turek (Trinity University)

34. John Fea (Messiah College)

35. Samuel Moyn (Yale University)

36. Danielle McGuire (independent historian)

37. Tom Adam Davies (University of Sussex, England)

38. Aaron Cowan (Slippery Rock University)

39. Andrew Seal (University of New Hampshire)

40. Matt Garcia (Dartmouth University)

41. Edward Miller (Northeastern University)

42. Adam Smith (University College London)

43. Ben Railton (Fitchburg State)

44. Erik Loomis (University of Rhode Island)

45. Jeremy Neely (Missouri State University)

46. Ben Waterhouse (University of North Carolina)

47. Brian Regal (Kean University)

48. Doug Thompson (Mercer University)

49. Steve Kantrowitz (University of Wisconsin)

50. Kevin C. Motl (Ouachita Baptist University)

51. Ruth Ben-Ghiat (New York University)

52. Natalie J. Ring (University of Texas, Dallas)

53. Jed Shugerman (Fordham University)

54. Mark Cheathem (Cumberland University)

55. Julian Zelizer (Princeton University)

56. Vicky Woeste (American Bar Foundation)

57. Tom Sugrue (New York University)

58. T.J. Stiles (independent historian)

59. L.D. Burnett (Tarleton State)

60. Christopher Deutsch (University of Missouri)

61. Chris Beneke (Bentley University)

62. Michael Koncewicz (NYU Tamiment)

63. Virginia Scharff (University of New Mexico)

64. Karl Jacoby (Columbia University)

65. Tim Lacy (independent historian)

66. Seth Kotch (University of North Carolina)

67. Ben Alpers (University of Oklahoma)

68. Mark Boonshoft (Norwich University)

69. Jason Herbert (University of Minnesota, PhD candidate)

70. Heather Hendershot (MIT)

71. Randal Maurice Jelks (University of Kansas)

72. Clive Webb (University of Sussex, England)

73. Adam Domby (College of Charleston)

74. Paul Matzko (Cato Institute)

75. Benjamin Park (Sam Houston State)

76. Gordon Harvey (Jacksonville State University)

77. Ethan Kytle (Fresno State University)

78. Michael Hattem (Knox College)

79. Leah Wright Rigueur (Harvard University)

80. Geoff Kabaservice (Niskansen Center)

81. Jamie Goodall (Stevenson University)

82. Mario Sifuentez (University of California, Merced)

83. Carl Robert Keyes (Assumption College)

84. Mia Brett (Stony Brook University, Ph.D. candidate)

85. Douglas Charles (Penn State)

86. Blake Scott Ball (Huntingdon College)

As several people have pointed out, I somehow managed to give two entries for 10, 13, and 14 early on here, so we’re actually at 89 entries at this point.

90. Michael Kazin (Georgetown University)

91. Drew McKevitt (Louisiana Tech)

92. Jelani Cobb (Columbia University)

93. Thomas Kidd (Baylor University)

94. Jemar Tisby (University of Mississippi, PhD candidate)

95. Seth Weitz (Dalton State University)

96. Justin Carroll (Indiana University East)

97. Darrin McMahon (Dartmouth College)

98. Jake Anbinder (Harvard University, PhD Candidate)

99. Sam Wineburg (Stanford University)

100. Dave Noon (University of Alaska Southeast)

All right, that's a hundred historians. Or in Dinesh Math, "a few dozen."

Let's move on to the political scientists!

101. Rob Mickey (University of Michigan)

102. Todd Curry (University of Texas, El Paso)

103. Jennifer Victor (George Mason University)

104. Tom Nichols (U.S. Naval War College)

105. Brendan Nyhan (University of Michigan)

106. Daniel Drezner (Tufts University)

107. Steven White (Syracuse University)

108. Ed Burmila (Bradley University)

109. Shana Gadarian (Syracuse University)

110. Laura Seay (Colby College)

111. William Adler (Northeastern Illinois University)

112. Steven Strauss (Princeton University)

113. Harold Pollack (University of Chicago)

114. Amy Fried (University of Maine)

115. Seth Masket (University of Denver)

116. Brian Klaas (University College London)

117. Miranda Yaver (Tufts University)

118. Julia Azari (Marquette University)

119. Phil Klinkner (Hamilton College)

120. Mark A.R. Kleiman (NYU)

All right, back to some historians.

121. Darren Grem (University of Mississippi)

122. Emily Senefeld (University of the South)

123. Diane Miller Sommerville (Binghamton University)

124. Christopher Nichols (Oregon State University)

That seems like a fitting one to pause on.

But again, I'd be happy to add any tweets from historians or political scientists who *like* D'Souza's work. Right now, we still just have this one below.

And it seems whatever our agreements on D'Souza, we can't decide who has to claim his one fan.

Still nothing on the pro-D'Souza side, but lots of folks are clamoring to get on the anti-D'Souza side, so ... why not?

125. Jennifer Mercieca (Texas A&M)

126. Eric Yellin (University of Richmond)

127. David Bell (Princeton University)

128. Steve Saideman (Carleton University, Canada)

129. Bill Black (Western Kentucky University)

130. LaDale Winling (Virginia Tech)

131. Kate Antonova (Queens College)

132. Jacob T. Levy (McGill University)

133. Nikhil Pal Singh (NYU)

134. Kathleen Belew (University of Chicago)

135. Adam McMahon (Rider University)

136. Matt Gabriele (Virginia Tech)

137. David M. Perry (independent historian)

138. Andy Horowitz (Tulane University)

139. Lauren Sklaroff (University of South Carolina)

140. Sarah Churchwell (University of London)

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