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This list is now up to 124 historians and political scientists.

I could go on, but I think I’ve proved my point, so much so that even @DineshDSouza might actually be able to get it.

As I predicted, D’Souza dismissed the list as a group of left-wing professors, when in fact it covers an ideological range with several conservatives included.

They have academic standards and know D’Souza doesn’t remotely meet them.

And again, for all his elitist snobbery about some of these scholars serving at “second and third rate” colleges, I’d like to reiterate that every single scholar on that list has more training, expertise and experience with this field than a guy with a B.A. in English.

But even from such an elitist perspective — which D’Souza presumably hides when he takes money from some of those same schools for speaking engagements — this is a list that should meet his snobbish standards.

It includes scholars from Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Cornell, Stanford, Cambridge, UCL, Chicago, Brandeis, Georgetown, NYU, MIT, Wisconsin, Virginia, UNC, etc. etc.

Four Pulitzers, two Bancrofts, and countless other book prizes and awards too.

That list of scholars might not have the Dinesh D’Souza seal of approval, but — and I’m pretty positive I speak for everyone on it here — we absolutely do not care.

Indeed, I’d think any legitimate scholar would be devastated to receive a compliment from him.

Again, in fairness, there is one scholar who supports his work.

Just this one.

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