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I never understood the human decency of 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions until I delivered my own son and watched him die.
It broke me.
It is a kindness to offer women an alternative where they don’t have to live it. To feel it. To see it.

What you get isn’t close. Not even essence of closure. But no one knows what they can handle until it’s them. Even then you don’t really know. Some women may choose a delivery, a blanket and an embrace. Some women may choose an abortion. It is cruel to deny one of these options.

I’m a pretty fucking strong person. I’ve been through a lot. Nothing prepared me for the horror of my delivery and son’s death and I am an OB/GYN with a lot of experience in helping women with fetal anomalies. So think on that.

Imagine being so devoid of a soul that you cherry pick my words and twist them for your forced birth agenda? When you lie about infanticide what you are saying is deliveries like mine. That you cannot understand it, means you shouldn’t be involved in medical decision making,

Because I watched my son die, I had to give up OB, what was I going to do? Deliver babies in the room where my son died?
When it hasn’t happened to you personally you have the mental luxury of not experiencing all of the downstream ramifications.

I’m not going to stop talking.




And if you think what I went through was no big deal, then read through what happened. Step by step. Then read it back to me.

I Didn’t Kill My Baby 

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