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Raise your hand if you are ready to meet the BraverMountain 2019 Iditarod team

First, I want to say that we are so proud of ALL our dogs. Every single pup is part of the team, whether or not they run in this particular race.

We made this decision based on the dogs’ attitudes in training, their endurance, their enthusiasm for eating a lotta food, and how well they rest along the trail.

The dogs who don’t race will be staying at the lodge with @yotamhaber, enjoying fun runs and plenty of attention. As far as they’re concerned, they’re the stars.

As for the dogs who ARE racing...


Pepé will be leading the team. She led every single one of my qualifiers and I trust her instincts and wisdom completely.


Do you think I’d go anywhere without this girl?? I’m proud to report that Flame has earned her place on the team through sheer athleticism, not favoritism. She did two tough 80-mile runs last week made it look like a breeze.


Pepé’s large-headed son will be following in his mama’s footsteps.


Our strong, sensitive Xan Man is taking on the Alaskan bush with his friends beside him.

5. and 6.

Remember how I said that since our dogs were young and haven’t seen this trail before, we might bring mentor dogs who have run the Iditarod before? Those dogs are Orville and Wilbur, super calm, older brothers from Ray Redington. Pic coming soon!

Orville and Wilbur have both run the Iditarod several times and I think they’ll bring some great confident energy to our young team. I thought they were named after snack foods but @QuinceMountain says they’re named after the Wright brothers.


Sweet lil Ebony always runs all-out—but she’s such a tremendous athlete that she rarely gets tired, even after loping for hours. Maybe the Iditarod will help her learn to pace herself. I think she’ll have a blast.


Can you believe our tiniest girl made the big team? She shone in the Goose Bay 150 race and has a great attitude in challenging conditions.


Talese is a very well-adjusted dog with a huge heart. He will be running beside his best friend.

10. BOO

Boo holds a lot of feelings in his small body. He hasn’t missed a single run all year. HE IS TALESE’S BEST FRIEND.


Everyone’s favorite Catholic sled dog will be pointing all his super-powerful energy toward Nome. He is the only dog who may gain weight during the race because we’ll finally let him eat whatever he wants.


Baby Wickson, our only yearling, is gonna run the Iditarod. He’s still a goofy puppy, but he’s a pro in harness. They grow up so fast!


Helli, who joined our team in mid-winter, is a force of nature. This cute lil face hides a ton of attitude, muscle, and love.

For the 14th dog, I really wanted to bring Jenga. She was one of my first sled dogs and my first-ever lead dog, and she’s been with me through this whole journey.

But as some of you know, Jenga’s getting older and has been dealing with a touch of arthritis. It responded well to glucosamine and she’s trained with the team all winter, but she’s let us know in other ways that she’s getting ready to retire and be a Lady of Leisure.

I think Jenga COULD run the Iditarod. But I also think she wouldn’t be that into it.

So in honor of her years of leadership and love (and many more to come), Jenga will be joining the Iditarod team in a position of honor for the ceremonial start. She will lead us through the streets of Anchorage, just like she’s led me through so many miles of wilderness.

After the ceremonial start, the 14th position on the team will go to TIMMY, an Actual Giant who belongs to Nic Petit and is good friends with our dogs. He has run to Nome before and we are thrilled to have him along.

And that’s the team, y’all! You can tune in tomorrow at 10am Alaska time to watch a livestream of the ceremonial start at .

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