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Schultz's ideas are not interesting (they are are the opposite) but as a phenomenon, I find him fascinating. I think about the life you must lead where you end up with these ideas ... all the golf courses, high-rise offices, and Davos-style gatherings ...

... where old white men sit around saying this stuff to one another, nodding gravely, coming to assume that it's just obvious, just what everyone thinks. I mean, didn't you read David Brooks' latest?

And then Schultz wanders out of the 1% bubble, toting cliches that seem so obviously and uncontroversially true to him, and WHAM, runs into the real world. Wait, what, the center is not definitionally superior? High taxes aren't universally condemned? It's not Both Sides?

He seemed genuinely shocked & hurt by this. Now just think about allllll those other rich old white guys, in the corporate (& philanthropy) board rooms, at Davos, at high-dollar lunches w/ their MOC. They're ALL this clueless. And they run our world!

Oh, one other note: Dem elected officials absolutely rely on money from these folks. So they have to call them constantly, go to their events, flatter them, speak their language. Even MOC w/ the best of intentions are affected by this 1% CW eventually -- they swim in it.

This helps explain why, as studies have repeatedly found, MOC overestimate the conservatism of voters. They spend all their time w/ rich people, who are invested (even the "liberal" ones) in the socioeconomic status quo.  http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2018/11/study-congress-overestimates-the-publics-conservatism.html 

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