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Up to 60% of Social Media Accounts are fake (not including dormant accts).  https://gizmodo.com/how-many-social-media-users-are-real-people-1826447042 

Since @Jack and @Twitter haven’t gotten rid of the bots, we think users should have an idea of what they look like. This thread will give practical tips on how to spot the bots.

First—a caution.

It is important to remember to look for MULTIPLE flags. Individually, the flags are rarely enough to condemn an account.
For example, a long series of numbers at the end of a handle is a “flag” that the account may be a bot. Like this bot, for example:

But there are REAL accts that have a series of numbers in their handles. So, assess for multiple flags.
Keeping that in mind, the 1st thing to know about bots is that they are often created in groups—so they have similar patterns across the accts. Here's an example:

Notice the accounts share:
*The same tweets
*A short phrase in the profile
*Similar tweet numbers
*Similar following/follower numbers
*Similar creation dates
*Many of the same followers/following accounts

The accounts in a group will often follow each other. Sometimes the follows are sequential, but sometimes they are spread out.

And, while the bot group may appear innocuous, take a close look at the following/followers. Do you think this account from the example bot group will remain innocuous?

While these bots may seem obvious when viewed in a group, they become much harder to identify once they are scattered into hundreds of millions of Twitter accounts. This brings us back to the flags.

1. The profile picture is of a person you’ve seen on the profiles of other accounts. We refer to these bots as “model bots”:


And More

2. The account is not new—but it has zero tweets.

3. The account numbers (tweets, following, followers) are severely skewed.

4. American accounts with nonsensical grammar, spelling, etc.

5. Accounts with two first names.

6. Accounts with a first male name and a first female name.

7. The profile description is the name on the account.

8. Inexplicably, a lot of bots use profile pics of someone driving a car.

9. The profile gives personal information that normal people wouldn’t announce—such as claiming to be a bank manager.

10. The account’s Timeline doesn’t match the account creation date. These bot accounts are either: a) purchased (they’re available on the black market for cheap) b) created as bots but have remained dormant until the bot creators activated them, or c) are hacked accounts.

11. The account’s Timeline has repetitive tweets and/or sketchy offers.

12. The account’s first followers are filled with bots. To see First Followers you need to be on Twitter for Desktop. Mobile Versions do not show Followers in Order.

13. Follow Back Accounts—these may be infested with bots. Many are fake accounts themselves.


Until Twitter cleans up its platform, we think it is important to stay vigilant against the fake accounts.
We already know the kind of damage these fake accounts can do. Let’s not give them another chance.

This is the first in a series.
As we identify the changing nature of the newer Bots being pushed our way we will update

Just a Note.
As Bots are being created in a way that makes them look much more real keep this in mind
There are 3 kinds of accounts.

Good Accounts
Bad Accounts( Bots,Trolls etc) that we can identify
Accounts that are bad for you(This is the most important category)

If an account ads nothing to your Twitter Experience
If it is not going to make your messaging or learning experience better
Then right now consider just soft blocking.

Soft Blocking is done by Blocking and then Unblocking.
It just removes the Follower from following you.

We will add this shortly to our Website as a Downloadable PDF so you can print it out for reference.

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