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(Thread) A Firehose of Crimes

In light of Cohen’s testimony in Congress last week, I updated my general crimes page.

I also put a red star next to the crimes in which Trump himself is implicated.

The page is here:  https://russia-investigation-summary.com/crimes/ 

1/ That’s the page where I keep track of possible crimes committed by Trump, his family, and associates based on the guilty pleas, top tier newspaper reporting, and public statements by possible defendants.

With this disclaimer 👇 in mind, I’ll tweet the list.

Accessory After the Fact (cyber crimes)
Aiding and Abetting (cyber crimes)
Bank Fraud
Conspiracy (general)
Conspiracy Against the U.S.
False Statements
Federal Election Campaign Act
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
The Hatch Act
Immigration Fraud
Insider Trading

Insurance Fraud
The Logan Act
Money Laundering
Obstruction of Justice
Obstruction of Proceedings Before Departments
Misprison of Felony
Racketeering-Influence Corrupt Organization (Rico)
Receiving Stolen Property
Retaliating Against an Informant

Subornation of Perjury
Tax Evasion and Tax Fraud
Witness Tampering

One of Putin’s propaganda techniques is called the Firehose of Falsehood.
A rapid, continuous, and repetitive volume of lies is effective in disseminating propaganda. . .

5/ . . . because the audience gets overwhelmed and can’t focus.

It seems to me a Firehose of Wrongdoings operates the same way: It becomes so difficult to concentrate on any single wrongdoing that they all get lost in the avalanche.

6/ This raises the question of what’s up with all this lawbreaking—and why the GOP is suddenly okay with breaking laws.

Trump is open about how he feels about the laws that constrain him. Last year in MI he said: “all our laws are so corrupt and stupid”  https://expo.mlive.com/erry-2018/04/bab779dc196618/ten_highlights_from_donald_tru.html 

7/ Back in the days of Trump's father and grandfather—before many of the regulations now in place—white men could pretty much do as they pleased.

Before 1968, and the Fair Housing Act, it was legal to refuse to rent to African Americans.
Before 1986, money laundering was legal.

8/ Before the New Deal there were very few laws restricting what business owners could do. They could cheat and swindle. Now we have laws against things like insider trading.

Consider the recent changes in the rape and sexual assault laws.

9/ MAGA means take America back to the time when America was "great."

Would that, perhaps, mean the time when rape laws were mostly intended to shield [white] men from false accusation? The good old days! [white] men could grab! 👇

10/ Last year, Joe Walsh wanted to know what happened to the GOP, that used to stand for law and order, but is now the party attacking the FBI and obstructing justice.

What happened is simple:

11/ The Trump administration is all about dismantling the protections put in place since the New Deal and Civil Rights movements. They've been steadily dismantling the regulations that restrict white men.

Trump is breaking the laws that he doesn't think should be exist.

12/ MAGA means Take America Back To the Time White Men Could Do As They Pleased.

That's what's up with all Trump's lawbreaking.
And that's why the Trump-Fox-GOP is OK with lawbreaking and attacking law enforcement.

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