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Being a press publisher is a powerful position to be in. You can shape people's opinions, the political discourse, control information. This is also why I'm so much against #article11 THREAD #copyright #saveyourinternet 1/14

As I have mentioned in a previous tweet, press publishers have asked for an exclusion right of their publications through copyright since 1850 because of new technologies: telegram, the radio, the internet. #copyright #article11 2/14

For 150 years, this has been rejected on the grounds that information and news are not artistic creation, importance of news for democracy, the free press # copyright 3/14

After the WWII, the Berne convention reiterated that news should NOT and could NOT become subjected under #copyright - the importance of free and open society for democratic reform was more important than possible momentary income revenue for press publishers. 4/14

Even #copyright fundamentalists agree that news should not be covered - there are other avenues for press publishers to seek fairness such as competition law. Copyright is not always the right solution. 5/14  https://www.ivir.nl/academics-against-press-publishers-right/ 

Back in 1850, in 1886, in 1908, 1926 and 1948 - the reason for rejecting #copyright of news included to preserve freedom of the press, to ensure competition, to not create information monopolies, ensure open debate and access to information 6/14

Because being a press publisher is a powerful position - position that can be abused and it seems like it has been, like here #copyright: 7/14

What press publishers seem to have been saying sub-rosa to MEPs: "If you don't vote for #article11 and #article13, we are very capable of ruining your political career." There are European elections around the corner. #copyright 8/14

That press publishers are pressuring politicians to vote in favour or else... has been reported here, around 8:45 -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaJM-p6KeuI&feature=youtu.be  #copyright 9/14

There are also whispers of politicians from Germany, Czechia, Estonia, Hungary etc. where press publishers have implied that if there are against the #copyright directive, oh, so sorry, no good press for you. 10/14

Being a press publisher is a powerful position. They can decide who wins elections and who loses elections. They should of course not do that. But it is the fact: Politicians rely on good press. It is important to keep the press happy. #copyright 11/14

I am very much against the #article11. It creates unnecessary monopoly of information. It increases the power imbalance in society. It is being lobbied via subtle hints, abuse, and power. I scratch your back, you scratch mine. #copyright 12/14

Here is the short history of the German press publisher's right #copyright 13/14

Here is the sort history of the German Press Publisher's right in German: #artikel11 #copyright 14/14

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