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Found out yesterday that my beloved dog Forest has torn a ligament (and his meniscus) in his back leg, is going to need expensive surgery (for which we're not insured), and will probably be homebound for 8-12 weeks. So yeah, I'm a mess.

My dog being hurt basically has me on the edge of operatic anguish about every little thing. Like I'm trying to get this old Mac to boot into recovery mode so I can wipe it, but it won't work, and I'm all

But seriously how do I get this Mac into f'ing recovery mode? It says to restart it and hold down cmd-R. So I do that. And it does not go into recovery mode. Then I yell a bunch of curse words and it and that doesn't work either.

I did it! I got it into recovery mode!

Update: Forest is now at the animal hospital, being sedated and x-rayed so the vets can figure out exactly what's going on with his joint. I'm sure he is not *actually* alone, terrified, and wondering why I betrayed him, but ...

Update for those asking: Forest got an x-ray and it turns out his doggie-ACL is completely torn in two. Not anything that will get better on its own. So he's scheduled for TPLO surgery on Monday morning. 😟🐕

I just dropped Forest 🐕 off at the animal hospital for his TPLO surgery. Best part was when I was leaving & he was straining against the vet's leash, eyes wide with panic, making those little whiny yipping sounds dogs make when they're scared. Luckily my manly stoicism held...

... until I got to the car. 😭

Update: surgeon called, told me all went well/normally with Forest, who is now awake & recovering. I'll pick him up tomorrow. (I realize no one's asking for obsessive updates about my dog but as my TL today demonstrates I tweet when I'm anxious.)

Update: The animal hospital says Forest is doing fine but they're going to keep him another 24 hours, just so he can stay medicated & observed. Will pick him up tomorrow. Now I just need to find something to think about other than him being alone & scared in a strange place.

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