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I'm thrilled to be traveling to CERN to be part of the #web30 celebrations! It's been *just* 30 years. (The events will be livestreamed). Also, did I mention visiting CERN? Lots of opportunities for me to tour tunnels and fangirl. 😀  https://web30.web.cern.ch/  #web30

Also, thank you scheduling deities for making the 30th anniversary of the www both the spring break for UNC *and* the week for the international human rights festival in Geneva. Now if someone can turn that rain forecast to either sun OR snow, we're, like, perfect.

Unlike young'uns, I grew up information deprived——no internet, limited TV/radio and I didn't speak English so limited books. I was among the earliest web users in Turkey and it was magic. But can't just be nostalgic. Everything good needs to be defended and reinvented everyday.

Anyway, couple of years ago, I wrote my joy at being able to get on the internet for the first time for the @newyorker. I swear, I used to ran out of things to read. So hard to imagine now!  https://www.newyorker.com/tech/annals-of-technology/innovation-dial-up-on-the-bosphorus 

CERN tour for the win. Antimatter experiments. Sooo coool.


Helmets are my fave accessory part twentyzillion. 😀 (Alice experiment area at CERN.)

On to #web30 events. I’m sitting at an auditorium and one of the CERN scientists (who also helped create the www) told me that there are used to be a blackboard where the screen is and he had seen Richard Feynman lecture here. 😀

My challenges for #web30 from first panel: centralization, surveillance; financing models; splintering; emerging authoritarian infrastructure (not just in China); consent both overriden and inadequate for collective harms; verification and authentication.

And that’s my message for the next 30 years. Defend it, improve it, or lose it. True for everything good. #web30

Why consent and individualized daya ownership can only take us so far.

CERN data center where big data (from the LHC) means really biiiig data. 😀

Also, you can get be a professor; a regular at NYT, Scientific American and Wired; be the only woman at a panel at CERN and more than one other guy can be wearing jeans and/or sneakers—and some rando will still tweet their opinion of what the lady shouldn’t have worn. 🤷‍♀️

*to be... You also cannot correct typos in tweets. 🤷‍♀️

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