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So, a few things: People have been telling me that a lot has been made of 'Tommy's' trauma from imprisonment, over the last week.

Traumatic stress is real and debilitating. It does not prompt you to doorstep people in the dead of night.

Nor is it helped by that behaviour.

It might seem strange, but if he does suffer from trauma, I can identify.

I have been in abusive situations that have had significant effects on me.

Still, it does not excuse his attempts to intimidate and terrify.

It looks like I might have to find another job.

This is a pity, because I enjoyed my little attic nook, and my wonderful colleagues.

It's not fair on them though, for a number of reasons.

I take it as an opportunity to develop and grow as a writer and journalist.

I've been told by *many* to crowdfund a security system, a defamation case, a holiday - all manner of things!

I've been trying to get my head together to decide what we need, but this week has overwhelmed me.

I will need a few days to work out what we need.

What I do know is when all this insanity dies down, we're going to go on a holiday, sleep lots, spend time in nature and just chill.

Maybe somewhere warm.

Then we'll work out what's next.

One thing's for sure, I won't be driven offline.

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