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Okay, time to reorganize my old RPG stuff. Photo thread to come...

First up: my collection of beautiful Middle Earth Roleplaying Game stuff. Had a half-dozen as a kid, added a lot to the collection over the past two years. More to get! ... eventually.

Next up: classic D&D campaign settings and boxed sets. I think there are still some left at my mom’s place?

Next: other TSR games! I have two Gamma World boxes because last year I somehow thought I had lost my original. Not true!

Now let’s get weird: accessories for D&D! Things we no longer really need.

Forgot a couple of supplements!

Now: some non-advanced D&D modules!

The iconic I-series.

The more iconic S-series, and Gygax’s “fuck you up” WG modules.

The Alice in Wonderland inspired modules. Been meaning to write a blog post about all the literary-inspired early modules. There are many.

More classics. Some I had as a kid, some I bought in recent years.

A couple more classics. I owned C2 since I was a kid, bought C1 recently. C is for “competition” - these were tournament adventures at first.

Dolly intermission!

Whew. Going to have to finish tomorrow, because I need more organizers for the new stuff. But here are some Gamma World modules - I brought 3 & 4 from home!

Here’s my almost complete 1st edition Top Secret collection! Only missing the now pricey TS008. They didn’t make many supplements for TS.

When TSR very selfishly changed their style of gaming module, fortunately Dungeon Crawl Classics took over!

But I just realized that I didn’t even finish organizing all the stuff I brought back from my previous home visit, so I’ll need to do more work tomorrow! Here’s regular D&D modules...

I also have some not-so-great Greyhawk and Forgotten Realms supplements. I LOVE Greyhawk with every fiber of my being. I may frame my Greyhawk maps

Oh, I also have 2nd edition AD&D record sheets! Kids don’t know what a PITA things were before cheap copying and printing.

Let me end with the money shot for tonight:

PS my newest mini collection is Lamentations of the Flame Princess.
These are some of the best written modules and supplements ever. Death Frost Doom and The God That Crawls are genuinely diabolical.

PPS ICYMI I have almost the entire Dragonlance series. DL11 is a non-essential Battlesystem supplement, and I just ordered DL14, the finale, because I cannot let that stand.

PPPS if it seems like I have a ridiculous amount of gaming stuff, let me just say that this was my ONLY major hobby from when I was around 9 years old until I left college.

I openly credit my obsession with D&D and other RPGs for giving me a solid mathematical intuition that led me into math and science.

So: IN YOUR FACE, CREEPY CONSERVATIVES WHO THOUGHT THAT D&D WOULD TURN ME TO SATAN AND MADNESS! Sure, I pretty much went that way anyway, but it wasn’t the games that did it

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