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I used to think the increased harassment of gender nonconforming cis women in public spaces brought on by TERF scaremongering was unintended consequences, but since it's become clear they're working hand in hand with the religious right, I'm convinced this is all too intended.

We see TERFs working with the Heritage Foundation, fake feminist groups like WoLF and Hands Across the Aisle, testifying against the Violence Against Women Act, they're quite openly working to achieve a far right, religious, overtly patriarchal agenda.

There's no good faith interpretation for what TERFs are doing, a number of them are straight up anti-abortion activists using trans people as a distraction to pursue their agenda, so right now we have to assume that those "unintended" consequences are very, very intended.

Don't think TERFs would work towards Draconian measure that would force gender nonconforming women back into the closet?

The same TERFs who are involved with shady "crisis pregnancy centers" and detail their tactics to overwrite pregnant women's wills?

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