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I couldn't disagree more. Putting No Deal on any ballot would be an act of supreme recklessness and irresponsibility. An error that may echo through ages.

Firstly, and despite attempts to re-write history, there is no mandate whatsoever for a No Deal Brexit. No campaign promoted it. On the contrary, and as @EmporersNewC has shown, it was promised repeatedly that there would be a deal, even if what it should be was left open.

Any mandate from the 2016 Referendum (and criminal activity and wrongdoing in the Leave campaigns casts serious doubt on the strength of that mandate) could only be for the Govt. to go and negotiate a deal.

Secondly, No Deal is known to be disastrous for the UK and its population (& no barrel of laughs for our neighbours and allies either). It is possible people may die as a result of it. No responsible Parliament could put that to the Pop as if it was an equivalent alternative. 4/

When faced with an option known to be, in the most serious sense, dreadfully harmful, it is Parliament's job to act to avert it, not to ask people if they fancy doing it anyway. Anything other than closing off the possibility would be an appalling abrogation of responsibility. 5/

Thirdly, the idea that it would disenfranchise a large portion of the population is, in a fundamentally representative Democracy, baloney. It's the equivalent of arguing that not having a referendum on re-introducing hanging for petty theft disenfranchises those who'd want it. 6/

And finally, the argument, from a Labour MP indeed, that it would enrage the Far Right is an awful one. If you give the Far Right what they want out of fear of enraging them, you show them that their threats and intimidation work and embolden them. 7/

They're not going to see what they've been given and say "Thanks, our mission is complete. We're going back to our normal lives satisfied now." On the contrary, they'll pocket it, and move to the next battle (minorities, rights?) strengthened having won the last. 8/

Added to all that, promising a referendum that includes No deal as an option would make it unlikely that EU27 would grant the extension that would be necessary to hold it (why the hell would they?), thus potentially propelling us into No Deal now. 9/9

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