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(Thread) Sunday / weekly roundup

Last week I wrote 5 threads and a piece for CNN.

#1: A firehose of Crimes (from Michael Cohen's testimony)

#2: Donald Trump and the International Criminal Syndicate

This one is about RICO. Will Mueller charge RICO? I doubt it.

But I suspect New York state prosecutors are looking at the Trump Or. (or Foundation) as a racketeering orgs.

#3: I wrote two threads inspired by @mashagessen's book, The Future is History: How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia. Here's the first one.

Putin and the U.S., Part I

#4: And Putin and the U.S., Part II

#5: Defending rule of law, even when we don’t like the results

#6: Here’s the piece I wrote for CNN:
Lots of people emailed me to tell me how stupid I am. Sigh.

They told me there’s a real problem with free speech stifled in universities, and that ALL ideas should be presented equally at universities. . . (cont)

Except that undermines the integrity of universities, which seek the truth and facts.

Pinochet, Urban—all autocrats attack universities, forcing academics to normalize the ideas upon which they base their regime & to undermine truth.
 https://index.hu/english/2019/03/09/agreement_hungarian_academy_of_science_ministry_of_innovation_and_technology_government_pressure/?fbclid=IwAR2r8AN3SzdePX-HCC3OpklF8O5aIx0BggxI4GlEz9BukSA9_t_bpc7xKOE  (cont. . .)

. . . Modern autocrats don't silence dissenting opinions, they crowd the sphere with lies.

Trump is cleverly using the First Amendment to undermine academic freedom.

Irony: The First Amendment was intended to speak truth to power. Trump is using it to attack academic freedom.

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