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Politician Still Not Understanding Tech 📰 The actual monopolistic behaviors in the works with full-stack proprietary healthcare chipsets & platforms and self-driving cars with Maps & virtual assistant defaults is going to blind-side them.  https://www.theverge.com/2019/3/9/18257965/elizabeth-warren-break-up-apple-monopoly-antitrust 

Breaking up Apple and the App Store would just mean Apple bumps up storage capacity defaults and pre-loads all services. It doesn't take backdoor intelligence for Apple to know that consumers like Netflix. It's grasping at straws — when the real monopolies are unfolding.

Diabetics will love Apple Watch's new continuous glucose monitoring optics — & it will wipe out a market overnight. Consumers will love Apple's new financial offerings — & they will join Square in obliterating an industry. Simple market flattening won't prepare us for what's next

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