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Some conservative think tank put out a ludicrous report that the Green New Deal will cost $93 trillion. It is a completely fabricated number. (There are no GND policies to cost yet!) But that didn't stop anyone ...  https://www.politico.com/story/2019/03/10/republican-green-new-deal-attack-1250859 

This gets back to my frequent theme of the Trump years being surreal, or hyper-real, or whatever. Of course the minute the Ds propose a climate plan, cons will scream "socialism" & a hack think tank will produce a report saying it will cost bajillions. Expected. But...

... to run a cost analysis on a *brief statement of goals & principles*? To produce the number *$93 trillion*, like some demented latter-day Dr. Evil? (To this day I cannot see it without laughing... they should have just said "ELEVENTY BAZILLION".) It's all so farcical.

And here's the thing. Despite the absurdity of it all, the system is just stumbling on, acting out the old script, pretending things are normal. Headlines are blaring the number. Conservatives are treating it as gospel. A whole set of practices & routines has played out...

... despite the utter turd at the center of it all. I mean, is there ANY number they could have produced that is SO absurd that it might have give credulous journalists pause? Might have made at least one conservative activist say, "wait a minute..."? Any number at all?

Oh, I meant to conclude this thread by saying: kudos to @zcolman & @Politico for calling out how dumb the $93T number is. I doubt it will do any good, but at least it's on record now. </fin>

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