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LIVE NOW: Administrator Jim Bridenstine shares the work underway to return astronauts to the Moon and onward to Mars. Watch live & explore how we’ll get from the #Moon2Mars: 

We need a permanent command and service module around the Moon. We call it Gateway and that’s fully funded in this President’s budget request. - Administrator @JimBridenstine says during #Moon2Mars event

"We’re talking about a rocket that’s bigger than any rocket that’s ever been built in human history ..." says Administrator @JimBridenstine about @NASA_SLS during #Moon2Mars event

"For the first time in over 10 years, we have money in this budget for a return to the Moon with Humans. I'm talking about human-rated landers to go to the Moon" says @JimBridenstine during #Moon2Mars event

During the #Moon2Mars event, @AstroKarenN is inside of a training mockup of the @NASA_Orion Crew Capsule that astronauts are going to use to go to the Moon, saying "not only are we building Orion and @NASA_SLS, but we’re continuing living and working onboard the @Space_Station"

Administrator @JimBridenstine at the #Moon2Mars event says "what we’re trying to do is prove capabilities, prove technologies, retire risk, make sure that what we develop is not a dead end, but in fact has capabilities to be used on another world. That other world...being Mars"

"Today's budget announcement enables us to achieve... [going] to the Moon sustainably with international partners and commercial partners" says Administrator @JimBridenstine during the #Moon2Mars event

During the #Moon2Mars event, Administrator @JimBridenstine highlights in his speech that "this budget funds our ability to reach out to another world and find potentially life on another world."

"The Moon is the proving ground. Mars is the horizon goal," says Administrator @JimBridenstine during the #Moon2Mars event

Administrator @JimBridenstine mentions that 'the Gateway isn’t just about getting to the Moon. [....] The Gateway gives us the opportunity to study deep space from a human-tended space station.' #Moon2Mars

Building on our plans for the lunar Gateway, Administrator @JimBridenstine highlights during the #Moon2Mars event that "we want humans on the Moon. We want robots and rovers and landers."

To power our exploration to the Moon, on to Mars and Beyond, the @NASAGlenn team highlights "one of 27 chambers we have here at Glenn...and [this] is actually the largest electronic propulsion capable chamber in the world right now.” #Moon2Mars

"Every center that we operate, all 10 of them are critical to this mission. And every mission directorate is critical to these goals." Administrator @JimBridenstine echos the importance of our leadership and everyone's contributions to send astronauts from the #Moon2Mars

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