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This sounds less like a policy statement and more like goading the orange prick while simultaneously throwing cold water on media masturbation.

To elaborate here: Pelosi sounds rather callous and dismissive, but if she even hints at impeachment the media will talk about only that for the next few months. She knows this, and there are important topics to discuss: climate change. Medicare cuts. Children in cages.

My suspicion is that Pelosi is trying to keep the focus on Dipshit Don and his horribleness. Once she starts saying impeachment, suddenly the focus will be all on HER. “Does she have evidence?” “Is this a political stunt?” “Does she have the votes?” “Is she out of control?”

I can’t actually read the context of her comment, but it pretty much sounds like she was directly asked about impeachment. Not sure how you “say nothing” when asked a direct question without saying *something* anyway.

Always impressed by folks who seem to think that Pelosi doesn’t know what she’s doing. She’s playing the shitty political and media game that she’s stuck with at the moment. Of course, I could be wrong, but this is the impression I get from Pelosi’s history.

PS if you’re taking a politician’s non-binding, clearly conditional statement as their absolute permanent belief, you need to think more about politics. Obama was overtly and explicitly against gay marriage in 2008, for example.

(Though he was highly in favor of civil unions.)

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