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LINT. Some questions I added to the application when I was dean of admissions @YaleLawSch because of unequal access to resources (like expensive "admissions consultants"):

1. Did you receive any assistance in preparing your application? If so, please specify.

2. Did you take a test preparation course? If so, please specify.

3. Are you a first generation college student, or first generation professional school student?

4. Questions like above increase transparency in admissions and help people making decisions compare apples to apples. I was shocked to find that many colleges and law schools do not ask these questions (especially #1 and #2). When I asked why --

5. I was told OTR that schools are afraid of "upsetting people" (not sure if this meant donors, admissions consultants, or what). IMO admissions committees have a duty to reveal the playing field as much as possible, and if that means asking for more info, so be it.

*level the playing field (but also reveal -- offering tips and advice directly to applicants is also democratizing the process)

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