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The World Wide Web is amazing. It connects us, for better or worse. A large part of our lives is lived online.

When I mention nyan cat, goths raving under a bridge, or I haz a cheeseburger, most of you know what I’m talking about, and that’s really cool.

It has become a connecting force, with certain parts of our culture developing online exclusively.

Age 11, back in ‘93, my dad introduced me to the www like this: “with this browser you’re connected to the world, and can travel anywhere.”

I remember the first thing I ever searched for was McDonalds. Don’t ask why, I was 11. For some reason it took me to the Japanese McDonalds page, and I remember my dad saying “see, you’re in Japan now”.

That was the coolest thing to me, and I proceeded to check out everything dinosaur related, as that was obviously the next coolest thing.

Lycos and Altavista were my search engines of choice, and Google wasn’t even around. It took seemingly forever to load an image, and now...

It’s impossible to imagine back then, what the www was going to become. So now, in 2019 you can:

* Stream music
* Watch cat vids on YouTube (still)
* Argue with strangers on Twitter
* Launch online products
* Buy stuff
* Play games
* And tons more

So, here’s to the World Wide Web turning 30 years old today 🎉✨

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