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This & articles like it are what EU27 leaders are going to see in their clippings and media summaries this morning.

We, and particularly MPs, have a week to convince them a #FinalSay #PeoplesVote is a viable reason for a long extension & that it can get enough support in Parl 1/

This is from Belgium’s La Libre, and was high up on the front page of their site. 2/ 

This is not the time for recriminations. An error has been made. There is damage at home, as ERG swank around claiming a Ref is a dead idea, but right now EU27 opinion matters as much. Without a long extension, there is no referendum. Simple as that.

If there is a short extension, all May has to do is not legislate for European Parliament elections, and the chances of a further extension to the extension being granted go from low to non-existent. 4/

Pro-EU sentiment is great. Everyone loves a love-bombing, but we also need to sell this to EU27 leaders, who’ll, ultimately, have to sell it to their own populations. 5/

At the risk of being accused of Britsplaining, what are the potential benefits for EU27? 6/

1. If it was Ratify vs Remain (it must be - EU27 is clear there is no other deal), it would exclude No Deal.

2. UK would either ratify the WA, or revoke Art50. Both mean short-term continuity for EU27. 7/

3. It would give a fixed end date.

4. It would reduce uncertainty now, not over UK’s membership status, but businesses would know there was no cliff edge looming (soon at least) 8/

5. It would open up political space between now and then for EU27 to press on with other important matters. The drama would be contained in the UK until the vote. 9/

6. It would guarantee no hard border in Northern Ireland, unlike No Deal at the end of a short extension. 10/

7. UK participation in the EP Elections has real positive sides. It would bring a) a show of support for Europe from a huge pro-EU movement, & b) demonstrate to those who accuse the EU of being undemocratic that, even if inconvenient, EU Citizens must have representation. 11/

8. It would show solidarity with a population of, still, just, EU citizens who, whether they realise it or not, have been let down dreadfully by their Government and political leaders, and with the nations of the UK that voted and still want to remain in the EU. 12/

9. It would fight back against the forces from Russia and elsewhere, that seek to destabilise Europe and drive a wedge between allies, and have used Brexit as a proxy to do so. 13/

10. It would hopefully show that the forces of populism, aggression, scapegoating and lies do not, ultimately, win.


The UK system is broken. It was hijacked by wealthy, powerful people who set out to break it. They caught us at a weak point when we were, and are, unlucky enough to have leaders who have not been able to cope rationally or reasonably with the challenge 15/

We understand that this is difficult, and that the UK has, historically, often been difficult. The conduct of our leaders and some of our press has been truly unforgivable. But our current leaders and our toxic press are not us.

We have to convince our friends of this, now.

You can bet your bottom Euro that our Government won’t.

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