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Don’t do this. We know how to cover terrible news like this, without doing it on the killer’s terms. Don’t participate in the snuff film he directed: instead give us the crucial news coverage we need.

This is a horrific act or terrorism. Much has been written by many experts on how to understand and approach those who kill to terrorize without doing their bidding. Here is two of mine. Please seek and listen to experts.  https://www.theatlantic.com/amp/article/266439/  and  https://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/27/opinion/the-virginia-shooter-wanted-fame-lets-not-give-it-to-him.html 

Please please don’t be played. Don’t rush. Focus on victims and horror of terrorism.

Correct choice. No gain from plastering his face or his “manifesto” all over media, either. Besides, his “manifesto” isn’t written as straight. It’s a sick “joke”. Best response is to bury it and analyze the event: terrorism, and focus on victims.

Here’s an earlier thread. Sadly, one of many on this topic. :-(

Don’t be played. That thing isn’t written as a manifesto or to be analyzed. It’s to play media and to generate searches via terms its using. That’s the strategy—via mass murder. Don’t make it work.

It’s not censorship to refuse to act as publicity agent for a snuff film. People were murdered to get others to play that footage, to post that sick joke of a “manifesto”, to lead others to search terms. Editorial judgment isn’t censorship. Cover the news.


This would be the right move. At least give it a try. It would be good for YouTube. (Sorry draft got uploaded before).

And stop analyzing that manifesto as if it were a straight text. It’s bait and lulz via mass murder.

This is significant. There isn't much fake videos or hoaxes out there of the NZ terrorist attack because the mass-murderer had a multi-platform release strategy. Fakery and hoaxes thrive in the voids and the killer very deliberately did not leave a void.

This killer had a well-developed media strategy. Don't plaster his words, manifesto, face out there. He's using media gullibility as a form of SEO for murderous hate—it's on mass media and tech platforms, first, and ordinary people, also, to realize what's happening and say no.

Thread. If the shooting had a Beyonce soundtrack or an Olympics clip, it might have disappeared more quickly. It’s a matter of priorities and resources. It’s not that tech platforms aren’t perfect but that this doesn’t even look like a proportional effort.

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