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Extremely important thread, and a great scoop by @alexebarker.

Advice to Council is that there should be a Termination Clause in the decision on any extension that ends it should the UK fail to participate in European Parliament elections. 1/

This would mean that if a short extension was agreed, there could be no additional extension beyond 1st July without EP elections in the UK, and if a longer one was agreed it would be terminated then without them. 2/

I know I go on about this, but I cannot emphasise enough that it is essential now that anyone wanting a #FinalSayForAll #PeoplesVote referendum make the case now for UK participation in the EP elections, both to EU27 and to our own MPs.

Without UK participation in the EP elections, there will be no Referendum, if Council agrees with this (IMV pretty reasonable) advice. It is as simple as that.

The Govt won’t do it as they don’t want to have to produce a manifesto and fight while split. The Labour Leadership won’t either. It has to fall to the other parties @theSNP @Plaid_Cymru @LibDems @TheGreenParty @TheIndGroup with @BestForBritain & @peoplesvote_uk and all of us 5/5

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