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BREAKING: Flynn Info Being Used in Ongoing Criminal Probes

"The ongoing probes are unrelated to Flynn's Turkish lobbying case, raising the possibility that they involve Flynn's ties to the Trump campaign, transition, administration or Russian government." 

1/ One of the things I and others have said is we have no idea what cases Mueller has handed off to other prosecutors for indictment/prosecution. To think none of these cases involve Russia or Trump or threaten his administration is a *misunderstanding* of how things are working.

2/ No one ever said, and I've no idea why we presumed, that Mueller had to not only investigate all cases within his purview but also prosecute them. Indeed, the number of handoffs we've seen strongly suggests he expects others to prosecute cases he investigated. Make sense now?

3/ Plus, everyone in the legal and law enforcement communities agrees Mueller's is the most leak-free federal criminal probe ever. So there's *also* every reason to think, the prosecutor's stumble in court today included, that Mueller has embargoed certain info about *his* cases.

4/ Upshot: there's no reason to think Mueller is done. No reason to think EDVA is done. No reason to think SDNY is done. No reason to think Mueller-tied DC cases are done. No reason to think Manhattan DA is done. No reason to think NYAG is done. No reason to think ANYONE is done.

5/ Moreover, because *any* EDVA, DC, SDNY, NYDA, or NYAG case could *easily* be a Mueller handoff—based on an investigation *Mueller* conducted—it's entirely possible that even when, at some future date, Mueller is "done" it will actually be *inaccurate* to say that he is *done*.

6/ And because of this truth, any journalist who plays with fire on the "Mueller's almost done" front is *doubly* betraying their audience: first, they don't have the requisite evidence or sourcing to make that claim (now or ever); second, the claim is fundamentally *misleading*.

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