Clint Watts @selectedwisdom Author: Messing With The Enemy Current: @MSNBC @FPRI @SecureDemocracy Mar. 19, 2019 2 min read

I disagree with the framing of "Mueller report delivery" currently being repeated...Why do we believe Barr hasn't already received a report? How would we know? At a minimum I imagine Barr has been briefed in detail. I see Rosenstein staying as a sign.

Mueller report delivery is likely a little anti-climatic as to how its being discussed publicly, it won't be carried on a chariot into the DoJ with a big ceremony. AG Barr took office a month ago, after getting settled, I'd imagine he wanted a FULL update on the SCO investigation

I'd guess by week 3/4, Barr in discussions with SCO types of reports to be delivered, see here for good perspective  we've already seen key departures SCO in both investigators & prosecutors, signs SCO investigation splintered into multiple jurisdictions

AG Barr if he's not already received some form of report, I imagine would see it soon, & then he needs and deserves the right to think through what to do about 1 of the most important investigations in our nation's history. I'd think a month at least to review & think it through

Barr has to make huge decisions affecting institutions & national security, how much to reveal publicly vis-a-vis Russia, what to further investigate, whether a conspiracy charge should be levied or not, and has 3 audiences (POTUS, Congress, Public) all wanting different things

I don't think anyone right now, to include AG Barr, knows exactly closure of Mueller investigation will be, when report revealed, but a guess might be. Report delivered AG = now or soon, AG decides strategy = April, Congress demands see it = May/June, Public sees "some" = summer

in conclusion, I hope we let our institutions and their leaders take their time, so they can do what's right. Barr, Rosenstein and Mueller are the only ones that know all the details to make the best decision for the country. Let's hope, whatever the outcome, they get it right

Regarding Rosenstein staying as a sign, I see it as, Rosenstein offered to leave let Barr pick his own team (normal) & cause he’s seen enough crossfire. Barr arrives, reviews facts 1st time & situation (“wow, this is complicated”) sees need Rosenstein stay help sort things out

Sure Barr criticizes Mueller appointment, Rosenstein said Barr hadn’t seen all the facts, now he has, & unlike our President and Congressmen - Barr, Rosenstein, Mueller are professionals & can disagree at times but still work with each other for the common good

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