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1) This is my Q thread for March 21, 2019

Q posts can be found here: 

Android apps: 

My theme: Who is Rachel Chandler

2) I write about Q but I have a specific audience that I'm called to write for.
Most anons who've been on the chans for years won't find my threads all that interesting.

But that's okay because they're not my primary audience.

3) My primary audience is the broader population. People who know very little about 4chan, 8chan and the subjects of pedophilia and the occult which are explored on those networks.

4) My calling is to write for "normies." People who stumbled upon Q and are trying to learn about a world they were largely ignorant of one year ago.

5) Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that normies are easily repulsed by sensationalism, gore and the wild, unsupported claims that are often made by people who research and report on this subject.

6) Early in Q's mission, we were warned about the dangers of presenting too much difficult information to normies too quickly. normies reject such information as unbelievable, even when presented with facts and evidence.

7) Truthers tend to think everyone wants to know the truth.
But the truth is—most people prefer to believe that the world is exactly as they think it is, regardless of whether their view of the world reflects reality.

8) Q said 99% of the world's population would end up in a hospital if they were confronted with the truth. For that reason, it's necessary to present information to normies in a way that allows them to adjust their thinking a little at a time.

9) A handful of powerful people control the world by controlling our elected leaders. Elected leaders are usually controlled via blackmail after being caught in compromising situations—many times, through a setup designed to capture them on film engaging in illegal activities.

10) US and UK politicians were controlled through such an operation based in Saudi Arabia [SA] The arrest of Saudi princes and the freezing of their assets cut the strings of control to many politicians.

11) Prior to the Saudi purge of 2017, sex with and marriage to children in Saudi Arabia was commonplace. 

12) Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman has brought many reforms to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia including a ban on marrying children under the age of 15. 

13) Jeffrey Epstein's island is alleged to be a situation where politicians and other powerful people have been filmed in compromising situations and the evidence of their indiscretions has been used against them to control them.

14) A judge must decide if documents in Epstein's case revealing the identities and activities will be made public. If they are, the world will be confronted with a little more truth than they may be comfortable with. 

15) In the first week of November of 2017, Q foreshadowed the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A short time later, news broke about the arrest of many corrupt princes and businessmen there.

16) Throughout his operation, Q has foreshadowed many other subjects and events, including peace talks with North Korea, the end of the Iran deal and restructuring the Federal Reserve.

By foreshadowing, Q gets us thinking about & researching items that will be in the headlines.

17) When Q brings up a new subject, we don't know if it'll become a news item in 2 days, 2 months or 2 years. I usually do some preliminary research, put it in a file, make a mental note of it then wait for further information from Q.

18) Q foreshadowed Rachel Chandler last April and asked anons to do a little digging to see what they could learn about her. There was also a warning to people connected to her: "None are safe."

19) Most people who have been researching Q have acquired information about Rachel Chandler.

Now we have a warning from Q that her story may hit the headlines if the Judge in Jeffrey Epstein's case makes public certain documents.

20) This post was the current lead in to the Rachel Chandler connection regarding Jeffrey Epstein.

21) An anon posted this yesterday, explaining what had been discovered so far about the people in the picture and the location.

22) Q responded with several questions meant to get people digging.

Q posted a link that leads to Chandler's Tumblr page and a suggestion to check the flight logs. (The link to which Q posted a couple days ago.)

23) A warning:
I would advise when researching and reading social media posts pertaining to these people, avoid engaging in harassing, threatening or intimidating behavior. Don't tag them in comments. Observe quietly. Make notes. Rest assured justice is coming.

24) Link: 

Tumblr page: 

25) Epstein flight logs: 

26) What is a "handler?"
This story provides some information.
Jeffrey Epstein's girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, is accused of recruiting and training Virginia Roberts to be "everything a man wanted" (the definition of a "handler"). 

27) Rachel Chandler is a photographer who specializes in modeling photography.

She thinks it awesome being able to give broke kids $10,000 each for their services. 

28) Chandler's page on Vogue. 

29) Chandler's page on Getty Images. 

30) Q asked a simple question.

31) Q suggests that Chandler's [RC] photo studio is funded by elites and is used for purposes other than simply "modeling photography."

32) An anon believes Rachel Chandler is a child handler for the elites.

33) What we'll learn about Rachel Chandler and the elites is dependent upon whether the judge unseals the court documents.

34) Is Eminem's vocal hatred of POTUS driven by fear of his past being exposed?

His case could bring down many powerful people.

35) An anon put together this collage which Q reposted.

36) Chandler and Bill Clinton on the Lolita express?

37) When you're accustomed to being above the law, it's tempting to flaunt your lifestyle in front of the little people.


39) An anon noticed that Q posted 9 seconds before the President tweeted.

Q posted at 9:40:46

POTUS tweeted at 9:40:55

40) Q responded.

41) An anon posted a collage of "models to watch" who were up and coming stars according to Rachel Chandler and Walter Pearce.


42) Q responded.

43) There are currently more than half a million people online on just one of the sites that carry Q posts.

There is also a new mobile app available for 

44) Q reposted this collage.

45) Orginal image.

46) Photos from Rachel Chandler's Tumblr page.

47) @LisaMei62's dig from last April— a photo of Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts - one of the women who has accused the elites of sexually abusing her.

48) Link to image: 


50) A photo was found on Rachel Chandler's Instagram account that is thought to be a bank of security camera monitors on Epstein's island.

51) Link to image: 

52) Info on photographer Peter Beard who was in a photo above. 

53) Not sure who this is.

54) From Left to Right - Mary-Kate Olsen, Rachel Chandler and Hanna Liden

55) Matt Rothschild with Rachel Chandler, Adam McEwen and Brianna Lance


56) Britney Spears, Richard Gere

Is Mitch McConnell preparing a way to deal with corruption that is about to be exposed in Congress?


The mainstream media correctly reported isolated corruption in the past but never connected the dots or painted the big picture. How will they be viewed by society when widespread corruption is exposed?


59) Prince Andrew

60) Paris Hilton



63) Rachel Chandler will likely be the one to bring down the powerful and wealthy who travel to Epstein Island.

64) Allison Mack is naming names in the NXIVM sex cult case. Here's an update on that story. 

65) Q posted a link to Michael Chelbin's photo gallery.

66) Link. 

67) Rachel Chandler is connected to things going on at the Standard Hotel

68) In January of 2018, Q asked anons to research the people who died in a helicopter crash.

69) An anon found an article about the helicopter crash.

70) Here's the story. 

71) Q responded, asking what happened at the Standard Hotel and what was Adam Schiff attempting to do.

72) An anon had this guess about what Adam Schiff was attempting to do.

73) Q responded.

74) To Q:
Favor repaid?

75) An anon posted this photo.

76) Q responded.

77) Q posted a link to the FBI tip page.

78) The FBI tip page has a form for providing information about crimes.

(I suspect Q is offering those involved an opportunity to come clean.) 

Got Popcorn?

80) Q warned us that just as with NASA, there can be delays in his countdowns.

March 19th was supposed to be T [-0]

What was scheduled to happen that day?

81) Was the Judge scheduled to unseal documents in Jeffrey Epstein's case on the 19th? 

82) Was there a condition that could delay or postpone that event?

"Second Circuit gave the parties until March 19 to establish good cause as to why they should remain sealed..."

83) Did attorneys file motions to keep the documents sealed? 

84) Do motions filed mean the countdown has been temporarily paused or reset?

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