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Five years ago, @paulkrugman called out Moore in a column titled "Charlatans, Cranks and Kansas." Moore's response in the Kansas City Star was filled with so many errors that the newspaper declared it would never publish him again.

So sure put him on the Federal Reserve Board.

And here's Krugman with more of the goods on Moore. The Federal Reserve Board is the absolute worst place to put a dim-witted partisan grifter who doesn't understand economics and doesn't care about getting facts right.

On the one hand, this is shocking malfeasance, rewarding an ignorant, unqualified conman with a 14-year appointment for flattering the President.

On the other hand, it's utterly humiliating to @BenSasse & @SenTomCotton and other @BankingGOP members.

So 🤷‍♂️

Moore is so clueless about economics that he can't even formulate plausible lies about them. But hey he spent a while flattering Trump with nonsense so he gets nominated for a 14-year term on the most important economic-policy board in government.

Hardly surprising from @BenSasse, who has devoted his political life to making anti-intellectualism and know-nothingness look like a civic virtue. Moore is a fraud, and an incompetent one, a liar so dumb he can't even construct plausible lies.

Turns out the idiot charlatan Trump nominated to the Federal Reserve Board, the one whose own defense to being called a "charlatan" was so error-riddled he was banned from the paper that published it, is going with the old "I blame my wife" defense.

Reminder that this moronic charlatan is still up for a 14-year term on the most important economic policy board in the country, and every Republican in Congress is fine with that, and only a handful of Republican economists have spoken out against him.

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