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Does media realize that the EDVA investigation into Tom Barrack, Mike Flynn (cooperating), Rick Gates (cooperating), and others secretly lobbying Trump to collude with the Saudis, Emiratis, and Russians on nuclear tech in the Middle East is a Trump-Russia collusion investigation?

And does media realize that Barrack and Flynn's "Middle East Marshall Plan" required that Trump drop all sanctions on Russia? And does media realize Jared was behind pushing this quid pro quo on sanctions?

*Of course media does*...

...because *they're the ones who reported it*.

One thing about having 2K citations in Proof of Collusion and 2.5K in Proof of Conspiracy is I've read thousands more articles on what America is talking about right now than (apparently) anyone in media. God forbid the media should know its own work better than a guy on Twitter.

It's like the old Melissa McCarthy-as-Sean Spicer bit: "Hey, *you* said that. Those are *your* words."

Except the media can't remember anymore what it's said, so it contradicts itself daily, thereby inadvertantly gaslighting anyone who, you know, *paid attention to it*.


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