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How long will it be before someone on television realizes that *all the accusations of collusion* that were coming from Trump critics for years involved Trump selling U.S. foreign policy for personal wealth...

...and it turns out that that's not what Mueller investigated at all?

1/ Wake up, media: no one ever said Trump struck an agreement with the IRA! No one ever said Trump struck an agreement with the hackers! I'm realizing just now, so belatedly, that U.S. media has *no idea* what the accusations of collusion ever were. Jesus Christ, what a disaster.

2/ Folks, Trump was *never accused* of what he has just now *not* been charged with. The form of coordination I wrote an whole book about appears to not even be *addressed* in the letter just released, or possibly in the report that letter is based upon. This is all very strange.

3/ Someone point me to allegations in media or anywhere saying Trump struck a secret agreement with the IRA or Russian hackers before they engaged in their crimes. You won't find such accusations—yet the GOP is crowing that there wasn't beyond a reasonable doubt evidence of that?

4/ For two years, scores of investigative reporters and independent journalists traced every evidentiary node of an accusation that Trump traded U.S. foreign policy for money.

Now we're being talked at about a summary of a report that doesn't even relate to that accusation. WTF?

5/ We're also now being told that the decision on obstruction, an impeachable offense, was not made by the man who was supposed to make it (Mueller) but by Trump's handpicked new Attorney General. Again I ask, WTF?

6/ I'll do a full thread on this, but I can safely say, without *any* criticism of Mueller whatsoever, it's clear that what's happening right now is we're being hoodwinked. On obstruction, by Barr; on collusion, by media not seeing the *narrow scope* of the Mueller investigation.

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