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Thread: Yes, I see what Barr says.

I do not resile from any of my reporting. I believe my sources.

I trust @SpeakerPelosi to get the report.

I trust Mueller. Let's see his report.

Now let's examine what the letter says, ideally calmly.

2. As others have noted, Barr's letter is very carefully worded. I note in particular the words "Russian government", emphasis on the latter word.

Further, I feel my report earlier today is vindicated here. Mueller farmed prosecutions out; "further action" is coming.

3. Barr's letter is explicit on this; more is coming. All the SCO indictments are revealed, BUT, (as I reported earlier today) Mueller farmed cases out "for further action" to "other offices". Barr uses the word "also". So - additional indictments**. **  https://patribotics.blog/2019/03/24/mueller-report-reasons-to-be-cheerful/ 

4. Barr and Rosenstein finding that Trump did not obstruct justice is, in fact, perfectly fine and sound legal reasoning. The indictment again parses its language that POTUS, per Barr, did not commit "an obstruction of justice offense".

What hit my ear was the specificity.

5. Barr said he and Rosenstein believed the President *did not commit obstruction*. It carefully does not say that the President committed no offenses. Just not that one. Further, it makes clear that they evaluated whether or not this happened. Buried lede: he can be indicted

6. The letter does not say that Trump is not indicted. It just says Barr declined to indict him on obstruction. The letter also does not say that the Trump campaign did not coordinate with Russian actors, just not with the government.

7. I continue to report that all three of Trump's eldest children are indicted - part of the "farmed out" prosecutions. For the sake of transparency, what sources said they were indicted on was, broadly speaking, money laundering. That is not contradicted by anything from Barr.

8. I continue to trust and to believe in Rod Rosenstein as well as Bob Mueller. If Barr is playing games, the investigation has been sent out to so many prosecutors that it will not make a difference. Sources say the report is damning and I believe them.

9. We need to read the report, as much as can safely be disclosed. I trust @SpeakerPelosi @RepSchiff @MarkWarner @RepSwalwell and others to obtain it. Indictments, if they exist, cannot be stopped by Barr.

10. We should let the process play out. No single bad actor can prevent the operation of the third branch. Let Trump celebrate. By all means, let him do so. It is still my belief that he will not be laughing for long. God bless America. Ends.

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