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THREAD. The claim that the activities of the Trump campaign didn't meet the criminal threshold of conspiracy doesn't address the nat security question of whether these members were or are acting in the country's best interests. A trip down memory lane of my pieces that explain:

July '17: Why whether something is "illegal" shouldn't be the yardstick against which we measure the trustworthiness of the people entrusted with our most precious secrets 

Sept '17: Why Mueller's final report won't tell us the counterintelligence story, including all of the threads of Russia's election interference efforts 

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Sept '17: Why Manafort's presence in the campaign was a nat sec concern and how his counterintelligence value made him a prime target for Mueller 

Dec '17: Why Flynn's presence in the campaign -- and then the WH -- was a nat sec concern and how he undermined our sanctions against Russia 

Dec '17: Why Mueller was unlikely to find evidence of conspiracy because that's sorta not how intelligence agencies operate 

Feb '18: Why the Carter Page's presence in the campaign was a nat sec concern and how we know his FISA provided foreign intelligence information 

May '18: Why a counterintelligence investigation is different from a criminal one and why understanding that distinction is important to so-called "spygate" 

July '18: Why the indictments against Russia are important to telling the counterintelligence story and why they should matter to everyone 

Dec '18: Why what we know about Trump is a nat sec concern regardless of whether he committed any crimes 

Finally, Jan '18: Why there is literally nothing we can do about the nat sec concern that Trump poses (sorry) unless Congress is allowed to see all of Mueller's findings, including the counterintelligence ones 

*Correct link to May '18 article on spy gate 

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