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I'll be honest about something.

My decision to preorder the €90 special edition of Bloodlines 2 a year in advance was down to it not being an Epic exclusive. Once games publishers realise there's SpiteBux™ to be made, they'll be posturing against exclusivity and raking it in.

There's a whole wealth of reasons that I really, really dislike Epic and never want to use its launcher, but that's not for this thread. This thread is about something Jim brings up; gamers are notoriously bad at boycotts.

But one thing they're good at? Throwing money at games.

This is something I do myself, I often buy indie games at launch for full price to support the developers, and when older Japanese titles get ported to PC? I often pre-order those purely on principle. Most AAA titles? They can wait for a sale.

When it comes to games, I tend to use my buying power to make a point.

Now, as uncle Jimbo rightly points out, Epic is accruing a hell of a lot of bad press and ill will among customers. Steam needs pressure, I do not disagree. But uuuugggh, Epic. :/

So while yeah, the exclusivity has killed off any interest I've had in The Outer Worlds or Phoenix Point (and I love turn based strategies), the fact that Paradox didn't tie Bloodlines 2 down to any particular launcher? Well, this was my reaction:

I don't think boycotts are gonna achieve much.

But sometime soon, some publisher is going to get the bright idea to make a statement about how they stand against Epic's strong-arming of customers through exclusivity, and say you can buy their games on *ANY* storefront you want!

And you know what? That's gonna be a real cheap piece of free publicity, it's an incredibly easy stance for a company to take, and it will look like gold to a hell of a lot of gamers, that the first companies to do so will practically be printing money.

Let's face it, a lot of people hate Epic.

No, not just hate. Loathe. They positively loathe Epic. So the first company publically rejects an exclusivity deal? They're gonna get showered in SpiteBux™ from people who can't wait to give Epic the middle finger.

Boycotting is something you have to actively participate in, you have to be making a sacrifice. But buying something? That's easy activism, it's a couple of clicks.

All it's gonna take to pop Epic's bubble is some corporate "virtue signalling"

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