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~ Big news! ~

I’ve been working on an online course with @fortelabs for the past 5 months.

It’s about accelerating your career by writing online.

I’m so, so proud of what we created and I hope you’ll check it out.


New post: "The Ultimate Guide to Writing Online"

Pro-tip... remember these 5 rules:

1. Ignore the "Thoreau Model"
2. Build a Personal Monopoly
3. Switch from Outbound to Inbound
4. Zoom in
5. When you start, focus on quantity over quality


Write online to improve your ideas.

The three-step process is simple:

1. Create
2. Share
3. Feedback

Creation helps you think through your ideas. Sharing helps you clarify them. And feedback helps you improve them.

Create. Share. Feedback.

From a book called The Sovereign Individual: "The greatest source of wealth will be the ideas you have in your head."

In the Information Age, if you can communicate and share your ideas, you'll be unstoppable.

Simple as that.

The secret to audience building:

Step 1: Pick a small, growing, and valuable industry.

Step 2: Learn all about it.

Step 3: Share the best things you learn.

This process applies to every industry and it’s the secret to building an audience online.

Simple, but not easy.

My thoughts on how media is transforming.

It's from the lecture about distribution in my online course called Write of Passage.

We’re already changing lives.

Just the beginning....

Write of Passage is Y-Combinator for writers.

Here's what we do:

1. Teach students to build a personal brand.
2. Introduce them to other aspiring writers.
3. Give students the tools to publish consistently.

Long term, we plan to guarantee audience growth for new writers.

What I learned teaching Write of Passage:

1) Feedback: Students have the best ideas for how to improve the course. Listen to them.

2) Playfulness: The more fun we had, the more creative we were.

3) Commitment: The most successful students published an article every week.

4) Teamwork: Writing doesn't need to be a solo endeavor. It can be fun and collaborative too.

5) Emulate the best: Most of the hard problems have already been solved by other course creators.

6) Challenge students: Write of Passage is a 5-week sprint. We assign tons of work to force students to break their existing writing habits. At first, students are overwhelmed. But time and again, they rise to the challenge.

The harder the course, the bigger the transformation.

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