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People like Keith Rabois wish every US company would do this too. We need to stop the sociopaths from dictating work/life (im)balance or we will continue to exacerbate the global mental health crisis. Humans are not robots, and you can't even be productive at work without rest.

Re-read thoughts from 2 very diff investors, one with a balanced and healthy view of work and life and the other who lauds China and a culture of 24/7 workaholism. But plz more people come into my mentions & worship at this strange alter. Get some help.

Wait you're saying it's not sustainable to ask people to spend *their entire lives* (9am-9pm, 6 days/week) @ office working? No one should ever see kids/spouses/pets right? You will definitely die wishing you worked harder to ship that extra mobile game. 

This story is related to the above thread. Silicon Valley tech is more often than not an unhealthy, sociopathic place. Exactly what a lot of (save for the few sane) VCs here relish in. 

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