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Breaking: Delaware has joined the National Popular Vote Compact after Democratic Gov. John Carney signed the bill a short while ago (via press release). Once New Mexico's Dem gov signs a similar bill, the compact will have 189 of the 270 electoral votes needed to take effect

Check out the rest of this thread & article for how Democrats could pass the National Popular Vote Compact into law by 2024. They're already taking steps to pass it this year in the 3 remaining states where they have full control of govt (ME, NV, & OR): 

Dems are likely favored to flip both Virginia legislative chambers in 2019, & they could join the Popular Vote Compact if they do. From there, Dems have a chance to gain control of both chambers in 2020 in AZ, MN, NC, & PA (especially if NC's gerrymanders are struck down)

Even if Democrats fail to flip gerrymandered state legislative chambers in 2020, MI, NC, & PA are all poised to have much fairer districts after 2020 redistricting than they did this past decade. Dems could gain full control of those states plus AZ depending on the 2022 midterms

Consequently, if Dems gain unified control of state govts by 2020 or 2022 in AZ, MI, MN, NC, & PA, & if every Dem-run state joins the National Popular Vote Compact, it could reach the majority of Electoral College votes necessary to take effect by 2024 

This outcome is by no means guaranteed, but it's simply not far-fetched at all that the National Popular Vote Compact could be triggered into effect by 2024. That's especially likely if Trump gets reelected & 2022 is a Dem wave midterm like 2018 was

Of course, if Republicans ever win the popular vote & lose the Electoral College, you can be damned sure they'd be calling to eliminate it immediately (if not doing things far worse after incitement from Tucker Carlson & Fox News)

No, the National Popular Vote Compact isn't perfect, & it's guaranteed to spark lawsuits if it takes effect. But there's simply no plausible alternative to circumventing the Electoral College & having a national popular vote when Republicans unanimously oppose one person one vote

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