Leandro @Leandro8209 Working on creating simplicity through technology | Co-founder @UnuboHQ Mar. 29, 2019 1 min read

I’ve heard enough about diversity and inclusion - in its current format anyway.

The most sincere stuff around this I’ve seen, is done in a natural, non-signalling kind of way.

I’m talking about companies, not representation within governments, which is very different.


To people:
Stop going on witch hunts, expecting companies to reflect a particular change. Be the diversity you want to see and apply, then encourage others to do the same. That’s it.


To companies:
Please stop trying so hard. Want more women, hire them. Want more LGBTQ+, hire them, want more black people... you get my point.

A lot of diversity quota stuff in companies is insincere b.s. - it really is, and you know it.


They are buzz words thrown around as easily as “AI” or “machine learning”.

Do things from a sincere place, the rest will sort itself out.

Stop aiming at your company looking like a United Colors of Benetton advertisement.

Ok, I’m done for now.

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