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The pushback to media misreporting on the Barr Letter has begun—and it's begun on @MSNBC, where we're hearing the corrections of law and fact you've seen on this feed. Kudos to @BarbMcQuade, @mayawiley, @JoyceWhiteVance, @mitchellreports, @maddow, @AriMelber, @rossi4va, and more.

1/ "Did not establish [beyond a reasonable doubt]" is *not* "no scintilla of evidence." Mueller letting Congress decide on Obstruction is *not* a request that Barr make the call. Conspiracy is *not* the same thing as "collusion"—a broader term with more crimes that fit within it.

2/ One investigation *sort of* over (the SCO has Stone to prosecute and a "robust" ongoing grand jury practice) does *not* end (in some cases collusion-related) probes in SDNY, EDNY, EDVA, USAO-DC, five Congressional committees, and possibly an ongoing FBI/CIA counterintel probe.

3/ Trump not facing an indictment for Conspiracy he was never going to face (not only because *no one ever accused him of conspiring with the IRA/GRU but because *he can't be indicted*) does *not* end the NYAG, MDAG, NJAG, NDCA, NYCDA, or other active state-level criminal probes.

4/ I said as soon as the Barr Letter was released that it'd take just a few days for the worm to turn and for everyone to understand that in fact little of consequence happened Sunday besides some pro-Trump window-dressing—and that's where all the responsible media is now headed.

5/ I believe in CNN—having been on its air often—and know it can get to where it needs to be in terms of accurately reporting the Barr Letter with the help of folks like @AshaRangappa_, @joshscampbell and @renato_mariotti. I'm sad @ChrisCuomo is treating Russia like a dead issue.

6/ Republican celebration over the Barr Letter isn't just premature—I want to be clear in saying that it is made in bad faith, entirely disingenuous, requires deliberately misreading both the evidence and the Letter and basic legal terminology, and is aimed at covering up crimes.

7/ I believe in a two-party system—I believe in a robust, loyal opposition in the form of the GOP of the early 90s and before. But like many educated Americans, I've *no* idea what the *hell* I'm looking at with this quasi-religious *cult* now calling itself the Republican Party.

8/ It is no longer merely for partisans to say the following, but for every *journalist* worth their salt *as a journalist*: I will not give ONE INCH to this sick, Trump-fetishizing pseudo-cult that wants to destroy our discourse, our rule of law, and our democracy. NOT ONE INCH.

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