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This bill #HB481 if signed into law will kill women.

Abortion aside, doctors will be afraid to intervene in bleeding situations in early pregnancies.

Malpractice insurance does not cover criminal prosecution, so doctors will err on the side of no intervention in cases of infection and bleeding in early pregnancy.
Women will die. #HB481

Savita Halappanavar was killed by the same legislation that will kill women in Georgia #HB481 

When doctors don’t learn to do abortions they don’t learn to do dilation and evacuation procedures for early second trimester complications that require uterine evacuation, including treating fetal demise. Women will get a riskier hysterotomy, many will lose their uterus #HB481

Even if you would never have an abortion yourself, if you get pregnant and #HB481 passes your health could be jeopardized. When doctors are afraid of being arrested you get substandard care #HB481

If you are 18 weeks, ruptures membranes and have an infection but there is still fetal cardiac activity the recommended intervention is delivery. If I were in Georgia I would be afraid to do that because of #HB481

What #HB481 means is a person who gets pregnant has lesser value than the pregnancy. That they are a gestational surrogate and if they die (ironically, very bad for a fetus), so what?

I’ve been in the situation where I had to call a state Senator at home to ask his permission for an abortion to save a patient’s life. Not all doctors will have hospital lawyers who care enough to facilitate that and who will look out for them #HB481

And these kinds of bills like #HB481 just make abortion more expensive and lead to more 2nd trimester procedures. And they create back alley procedures that maim and kill women. #HB481

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