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I made a Venn diagram

Also, feel free to use this in lectures with attribution of course! I feel I will never come up with one as good again.

For those of you who don't know, @goop is just bespoke Infowars 

As I pointed out in this for @NYTStyles medical conspiracy theories are needed to sell supplements -- they are the fuel for pseudoscience 

And both Gwyneth Paltrow and Elizabeth Holmes have profited form an adoring press that never asked hard questions.

Many doctors pointed out the idea behind Theranos was biologically not possible. But you know, we were jealous or something. Many people point out that @GOOP sells literal bullshit and advances harmful conspiracy theories, mostly the reviews of their events are fawning

Medical conspiracy theories featured on @GOOP or promoted by GOOP doctors:
- vaccines are toxic
- fluoride in water rots your brain
- AIDS is a Big Pharma fake
- WiFi rots your brain
- The tetanus vaccine is an attempt to sterilize women n Africa
- Bras cause breast cancer

And to everyone point out that @GOOP and infowars are not identical in all things. Um, it's a Venn diagram. It shows the parts that overlap. (Oh My God).

Here is info about the AIDS denialist who was given a national platform by @GOOP -- she is a psychiatrist (treats depression with daily coffee enemas) 

And one of @GOOP's favorite doctors. Dr. Sadeghi postulates that an underwire in a bra could “magnify and sustain electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and radiation from things like cell phones and Wi-Fi.” 

When @Newweek asked Dr. Brogan doubled down on being an AIDS denialist and her other quack theories 

Elizabeth Holmes weird voice has been documented and anyone who has listened to Alex Jones weird crying and screaming on Infowars knows he has a weird voice. 

The Paltrow/Holmes blonde hair is visible to all. And Elizabeth Holmes big fat grift has been documented in many places 

I forgot to add this. Here is my review of the health products on @GOOP 

And this is what you get when you e-mail about an appointment with Dr. Kelly Brogan, who was on stage at the GOOP Panem health expo last year

Wait...I made a Venn diagram before that was also quite good. The vulva/vagina Venn diagram or the Triple V as it were 

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