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We often have founders telling us that their business has network effects, but few have quantitative ways to demonstrate that. Here's a few metrics I often use when assessing startups' network effects:
- cohort curves: is activity increasing as the network grows?
- match rate

(often also called success or utilization rate)
- power user curves to see how engagement is evolving over time! See our post: 

Watch our hallway discussion on metrics to measure network effects here with @dcoolican and @withfries2: 

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What even IS a network effect? Debunking Metcalfe's Law and debating whether brand is a type of network effect (I think yes!): 

Rapid fire round - which companies/categories have stronger or weaker network effects? Food delivery, social networking, etc. 

And ask us anything about network effects and we'll do our best to answer!

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