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1 year & 1 week ago, I was invited on #Marr to ‘talk about my story’. In fact, it was @shahmiruk’s story. And I was not asked a single question. Nothing about Vote Leave’s overspending. Nothing about Number 10’s outing. Nothing about Johnson & Gove’s complicity. Nothing

..I tweeted that because after show on way to canteen, Marr said he didn’t think story added up to much. Wasn’t it just a lovers’ spat?I couldn’t have been more devastated for @shahmiruk & all he’d been through. His experience & BBC’s treatment of this story has haunted this year

The @bbc never covered the story. Panorama’s producers had seen all the evidence. The weekend news editor & political team knew ahead of publication. But nothing. It was incomprehensible to me at the time. But now it’s not. Number 10 briefed & lied. And it worked.

This was govt’s cover story. And @bbc bought it. Or enough of it. Because @bbc did not cover the story in any meaningful  http://way.An  entire dossier of evidence that showed 2 govt ministers & PM’s advisor up to neck in electoral fraud. And @bbc did not report it

This is not about pointing finger at individual BBC journalists who do terrific job, including #Marr. But these questions & those raised here by @JolyonMaugham show profound, systemic failure that urgently needs addressing

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