Clint Watts @selectedwisdom Author: Messing With The Enemy Current: @MSNBC @FPRI @SecureDemocracy Mar. 31, 2019 2 min read

“Americans, you pay taxes but will your government protect you? Maybe not” - wish more discussion this morning about @thedailybeast story last night alleging Bezos hacked by Saudi regime & then smeared by an American company. WOW, bad sign & can go crazy 

Congressional Intel, Homeland Security, Commerce committees, DNI, FBI should quickly address this allegation and whether it’s true. Did a foreign country hack CEO of 1 of America’s biggest companies and then with help of a different American company conduct influence campaign?

Saudi regime hacking American targets then conducting influence with the assistance of Americans, if true, should result in immediate criminal investigation. A failure to do so is extreme 🇺🇸 weakness with dangerous consequences similar to Russia interference 2016

Trump did nothing after #KhashoggiMurder now if we see other Americans being attacked by Saudi, Will trump admin respond? Bet not.

WRT allegation about Saudi hack, 2 years ago yesterday, at Senate, I warned Trump admin does not have the back of Americans, I was accused of being extreme in that opinion, anyone doubt that now? And, if true, why would Saudi want to hack Bezos, only one reason I can think of

If Saudi regime hacked Bezos & US does nothing, dangerous cyber domino effect can take place. Scenario discussed @AspenSecurity forum 2017. White House says only protect .gov .mil - notifies people corporations hacked, but Americans can’t counterattack 

If USG won’t investigate, protect, counterattack, what are Americans supposed to do. Ordinary citizens supposed to just get attacked? But Bezos has a company hires thousands of Americans, he has resources, if USG won’t defend him, should he defend himself?

Quick recap bad direction things have gone past 2 years, in addition to Saudi regime killing #Khashoggi a WaPo journalist, & Trump taking Putin over US Intel community in Helsinki, have Chinese head of Interpol vanishing and under investigation in China 

We have Russia poisoning Skripal inside the United Kingdom 

We have former Mossad running around as private intelligence trying to manipulate & influence local elections inside the U.S. see here @adamentous & @RonanFarrow 

We have former US Intel folks working as private intel in support of UAE, allegedly helping target dissidents, journalists or maybe even Americans 

We have three Russian journalists killed in Congo while investigating Russian mercenaries 

We have American troops coming under attack in Syria by Syrian forces and Russian contractors. Few even heard about this (But Trump wants to reset relations with Moscow) 

We have journalists killed in Mexico tracked by spyware called “Pegasus” 

With relation to #Khashoggi & maybe Bezos, we have Saudi regime acquiring “Pegasus” from an Israeli company - we have authoritarians around the world buying/ hiring cyber mercenaries taking out targets around the world 

We have @StateDept believing US residents are detained in Uyghur detention camps 

We have an American (Warmbier) returning from North Korean detention in a vegetative state then dying, and President Trump simultaneously promoting Kim Jung Un as a great leader 

We have former NSA members hacking media hosts 

FYI - if interested in how this digital for-hire world comes together, see “How to win an election- Social Media Inception” 

We have an operative going after critics of the cyber security firm Kaspersky 

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