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(Thread) Sunday / Weekly Roundup

If you missed any, here are my threads from the week.

#1: Timothy Snyder’s concept, sadopopulism, explains much of what we’re seeing in the Trump-Fox-GOP👇

#2: After posting Sadopopulism, people asked for the antidote, so 👇

It's always easier to talk about how we got into the mess than how we'll get out.

The first is supported by facts.

Getting out relies on historical examples (and perhaps imagination).

#3: I was honored (and flattered) when the University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy asked for my views on saving democracy. The school posted my responses on their website.

You can see my answers here:

#4: After Barr published his summary of Mueller’s report, I wrote about the nature of our current Constitutional Crisis:

It's still true 5 days later.

#5: I put a page of recommended books on my blog site.  https://terikanefield-blog.com/recommended-books-for-understanding-our-current-politics/ 

I’ve moved How Democracies Die to the #1 spot. This is the book I wish everyone would read right now.

Too may people are saying “fight fire with fire,” which is how you burn down the place.

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