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For those who think it was Iranians—not MBS or MBZ—who hacked Netanyahu's rival's phone, listen to HAARETZ: "It is also possible that other players with an interest in [Gantz] could have done so, masquerading behind an 'Iranian signature.'" I do fear Israeli voters are being had.

1/ The Iranians have nothing to gain by weakening Gantz. Meanwhile, MBS has Pegasus 3 phone-hacking technology from Netanyahu allies, and has everything to gain by ensuring that Netanyahu, who recently said he wants war with Iran, to stay in power in Israel. I smell dirty tricks.

2/ We just learned that MBS and the Saudis used their Israeli hacking technology to get seminude photos and intimate texts from Jeff Bezo's phone, showing exactly how they operate when they or a rival of any of their "grand bargain" co-conspirators (here, Trump) are under threat.

3/ The Iranians have denied hacking Gantz's phone—and while there's every reason under normal circumstances to doubt the Iranians' word, in this case I think Israeli media have to start asking hard questions about whether recent hacking events evince a pattern that points to MBS.

4/ The Saudis and Emiratis used George Nader to offer to interfere in the 2016 election at a mid-2016 meeting with Trump Jr. at Trump Tower. Since then, they've acquired the most sophisticated hacking technology in the world. And their campaign is to get the *world* to hate Iran.

5/ Now, just *days* before an election that Trump and MBS ally Netanyahu was losing, Israeli voters learn that for some reason "Iranians" hacked the phone not of the man who wants to wage war on them, but his *opponent*. No one in Israeli media is saying that this makes no sense.

6/ My point is only that questions have to be asked that I don't see getting asked now. Netanyahu is, as Proof of Conspiracy will detail, part of a small association of world leaders who have very clear plans for Iran, and it's an association that involves both MBS and Mr. Trump.

7/ I can't believe a politically motivated leak of classified intelligence relating to a suspicious hack of Netanyahu's rival's phone hasn't backfired on Netanyahu, but instead bolstered his candidacy. There should be far more skepticism in Israeli media and among Israeli voters.

8/ Normally I wouldn't comment on Israeli politics—but it's increasingly clear from my research that the game plan of Trump and a band of leaders in the Middle East is to engage in high-tech election theft. If that's happening in Israel right now, I'm concerned. We all should be.

9/ Americans will soon come to realize that the march toward war with Iran, and the recent stories about Trump selling nuclear technology to MBS, and the premature end of the Iran nuclear deal, are conspicuously connected events. MBS and Trump desperately need Netanyahu in power.

10/ Note that Netanyahu has just been found to have a *cyber-army of bots* working on his behalf in the days before the election. Sound familiar? People of good faith can wake up to what these five or six men are doing, or we can let more elections get stolen. It's our call. /end

PS/ Keep in mind that Netanyahu is the first ever sitting Israeli Prime Minister indicted for fraud—and that we've publicly watched Trump attempt to interfere in the Israeli election by making key policy decisions regarding Israel right before Israelis vote. It's all in the open.

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