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Hugely disappointing that Parl does not seem to be looking to combine the options on the Future Relationship/Political Declaration (CM2.0 etc) and the options on process (Peoples Vote, Revocation backstop). They are not mutually exclusive & a Combo option may find a majority. 1/

As me and @syrpis argued last week, this would allow, e.g., SM2.0 supporters to agree a Ratify vs Remain ref (which, as supporters of their option, they presumably think they could win), and PV supporters to agree to an option (there needs to be one) to put to a PV. 2/

Quite aside from anything, and as a PV/Revoke supporter, if something finds a majority without the condition of a ref attached to it, the argument for a ref is weakened considerably. Like adding a new condition of sale after you've bought and have the keys to the house. 3/

Added to that, we are going to need an option that leads to a definite outcome to take back to EU27 as justification for a longer extension. A marginal CM2.0 or Customs Union win doesn't really provide the stable path that's needed (or at least EU27 may see it that way). 4/

A viable objective for the Political Declaration combined with a PV that leads to either ratification of the WA with it or remaining does provide this though. 5/

And, as should be blindingly obvious to all but the 160 or so nutcases who apparently actually want to annihilate their country with No Deal, the only way to rule out No Deal is to be ready to revoke if necessary, so any option should also come with @joannaccherry's A50 lock. 6/

Time to face reality folks, or either No Deal, or being blackmailed into accepting May's deal again beckon, simply for want of other options.

Build a Combo Deal.

Here's Phil's thread on this:

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